Here you can buy online 

- original RITM SCENAR devices

- all with CE Mark

- 2 year warranty

- quick and reliable service

- certified SCENAR electrodes and attachments

- ULM blankets and garments

- SCENAR training seminars and sessions 

All prices are in New Zealand Dollars and include GST and P/H

All devices and attachments are only sold within New Zealand

Only trainings and webinars are sold worldwide

Please note: There are RITM SCENAR products sold on ebay - apparently much cheaper than the products sold here.

Prices at ebay are without GST. When the parcel arrives at the New Zealand boarder you get an additional bill for GST - and for the custom's clearance. And then these ebay products are  the same price as our. Did the ebay dealers from overseas forget to tell you?

And what happens when you need a repair of your device - perhaps it fell to the floor and does not work anymore? Well, you send the device back, get it repaired and then it is sent back to you here - three weeks to three months you will be without your device. Perhaps just an inconvenience for a home user. A professional without their tools for weeks is unacceptable. If you buy here and have an issue that cannot get resolved in days we supply you with a spare device so that you can continue treating your clients.

All our products have a 2 year warranty if used as directed.


Most important though is that you receive training here as well, something oversea's traders don't offer. Some overseas devices are still sold with a manual in Russian language only. We also support our clients and are here for their questions even long after they finalised their purchase. 


Before you decide which RITM SCENAR model you want to purchase it is a good idea to think about what you want to use it for.

- If you want to treat yourself or your pets - even if you are in treatment with a SCENAR practitioner and were advised to treat yourself in between visits to accelerate your healing process - a RITM Home User Device (model 'home', 'sport' or 'sport digital') is sufficient. The device comes with a manual that gives you plenty of information on how to work with the device on yourself. There is also an USB stick in the box with even more information.
In case you want to learn more - once or twice a year Dr. Jorg Prinz will travel to the major NZ centers and conduct a 4 hour training seminar for treating pain and a two hour training seminar for beauty treatments with SCENAR for home users. These seminars are held on a Saturday morning.


- If you want to treat other people and charge for your treatments a RITM Professional Device (model 'Pro Essential', 'Pro C' and 'bioSCENAR') is strongly recommended. You would also need to do live and online training. We offer three training levels, each seminar is 3 days. 


- If you are still not sure which device to purchase feel free to call Dr. Prinz on 0800 407246 (0800 4 0 PAIN) or send an email.

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