Book SCENAR Training

SCENAR Training one-on-one - life or via Skype

One-on-One training priced at 150.00 NZ$/hour during NZ Business Hours even for training via Skype. Please book yourself in on using the book now button and chose a day and the time for online or life training.

You can receive 1-on-1 training in English or in German language.


Home User Device Training

Home User Training will be 4 hours in a group session. You need to bring your RITM SCENAR device AND a partner who you can train on. Dates will be announced here. Training will be held in different centers in New Zealand


Home User Cosmetology Training

Following Home User Training (4 hours) there will be a 2 hour training to teach the SCENAR use for face-lifts and other beauty treatments


Professional SCENAR Training Level 1, 2 or 3

Three day life seminar for medical trained participants (NZQA lvel 4 anatomy and physiology diploma is prerequisite)