Webinars - for SCENAR Users, SCENAR Practitioners AND SPA-Members

Currently there are no webinars scheduled till the end of 2020


Recordings of past webinars will be made available to purchase on vimeo in December 2020. These webinars will be available:


SCENAR Home User Device - basic training

  • How to use a SCENAR Home, Sport or Sport Digital
  • How to treat and self treat 
  • Basic approach to SCENAR therapy
  • Treatment protocols for the painful areas and general zones to stimulate a healing process


Improvement Reactions during SCENAR Therapy

  • What is a healing reaction
  • Symptoms of healing reactions
  • What to do when a bad healing reaction occurs


How to explain SCENAR therapy to new clients

  • What SCENAR can do for patients
  • How SCENAR therapy is applied
  • What patients can expect with SCENAR Therapy


Can we treat a 'diseases' with SCENAR therapy

  • Medical and juridical musings about 'disease'
  • What SCENAR therapy can achieve medically


Cosmetology with SCENAR

  • What age-related conditions can be successfully treated with SCENAR
  • Treatment protocols for cosmetology with SCENAR
  • Incorporates new presets of the SCENAR device



  • A useful combination of SCENAR with AROMA therapy
  • Which essential oils to use with SCCENAR therapy
  • Which conditions benefit from SCENAROMA therapy


If you are interested in any of these subjects please contact us and we will notify you when these videos are available