SCENAR Training

Why training at all? 


A SCENAR device works with biofeedback - unlike TENS machines. Therefore, the application of SCENAR is very different. 

Laypeople and Professionals alike need to know the techniques that make the SCENAR device a useful tool to relieve pain - and stay pain free without the use of pain killers and other medication. 


We offer a 4 hour training for clients who have a home user device, like a SCENAR Home, SCENAR Sport or SCENAR Sport Digital. If you want to use a professional device just for yourself or family then this would be a sufficient course too.


For professionals - NZQA level 4 anatomy and physiology is advised for our seminars - we teach the proper use of SCENAR devices in three different level seminars - each 2 days long (usually a weekend). These seminars are for people who are working (or want to work) in the medical field and have a SCENAR Pro (SCENAR Essential), SCENAR ProPlus (SCENAR C), SCENAR LF Master, SCENAR SuperPro or RITM bioSCENAR. 



New Zealand Training Courses in 2019:

Level 1 Certification Training: 29 - 31 May 2020 Paraparaumu

Level 2 Certification Training: 12 - 14 June 2020 Paraparaumu

Level 3 Certification Training: 14 - 16 August 2020 Paraparaumu

Home User Training: please contact me if you are interested to form a group. For 6 and more participants I travel to a center near you to teach there.


As always: for a group of 4 participants in Level 1-3 training who share my accommodation and travel costs I am willing to travel to your area and train there.

Course dates might be subject to changes, minimum numbers apply


Course fees:

Certification Training Level 1, 2 or 3 - 1200$

(1000$ pp for groups of 4 and 800$ pp for groups of 6 or more participants)  

Home User (4 hours) 100$ per device - 1 partner free of charge

Home User + Cosmetology (6 hours) 150$ per device - 1 partner free of charge